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We are taking our Bliss Loving autism healing family of three on the road to promote ultimate wellness for all. We’re still running our 1 year autism healing program and teaching autism undone classes around the world.  Check out http://www.Blissedlife.com for more info and contact us if you’d like to host a class or event in your home town

Gina, Doug, and Dougie

The Health and Happiness You Desire For Your Family Is YOURS!

Has someone you love dearly been diagnosed with autism? Have you been told that they will never thrive?

I helped my son pull through the most uncomfortable symptoms of severe autism. He went from no language, food allergies, frustration tantrums, putting everything in his mouth, toe walking, hand flapping, crying constantly, distended belly, chronic infections and hurt — to becoming aligned with the vibrant being he is.

Your child can thrive too!   There is no such thing as a “window” of time.  It is never too late, my friend.

Contact me, we’ll do this together: Gina@BlissedLife.com

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A Note from Autism

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I want you to see what I see and hear what I hear. I want you to feel the texture of the air on your face the way I do. I want you to know that sometimes you think I’m not responding because I am checking in with all of the data-bases in my head to decide how to best share with you.

Sometimes I need alone time for that. Sometimes I need to dance my body, shake my hands, spin, hum, chew on something or even make noises that are weird to you. I cannot help that I am so full of information to share, nor can I help that you don’t already have a means for understanding my ways.

But, I’ll tell you what, if you look and listen you will see what I mean. If you try, you can clearly see that I am always responding to…

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To Vaccinate or Not: Your Decision

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10492378_10203387050389751_5350073954897025254_nWhen I first became a mom, deciding whether or not to vaccinate my son was not in my realm of thinking. I didn’t realize that I had a choice in the matter. I thought that being vaccinated meant being safe against disease. I decided to raise the healthiest, happiest child, and follow the best advice about how to do that.

I put my trust in my mother and in my doctors, and chose really respectable physicians.  I’ve always had an investigative brain and a distaste for the idea of authority. But, when it came to my child, I gave in and trusted — reasoning that I couldn’t possibly know more than a doctor.  I had done zero research into what vaccines do to the body, their ingredients or any other key facts that parents NEED to know.

I feel that there is danger in intelligence without spiritual direction. The idea…

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BLISSED Life Retreat::Joshua Tree, CA:: 2/28-3/2::Activating Our Highest Bliss

BLISSED Life Retreat::Joshua Tree, CA:: 2/28-3/2::Activating Our Highest Bliss.

BLISSED Life Retreat::Joshua Tree, CA:: 2/28-3/2::Activating Our Highest Bliss

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The Goddess energy is a place inside you


that has, until now, been hidden or repressed. It’s the spark of your intuition and instinct. It’s what connects you to Gaia, Mother Earth and to your human body. It’s the solid foundation you live on. Your support. Your bones. Your core.

It is because of this Goddess in you that you can plant your feet and spread your wings. The more you are in-tune with Her in You, the higher you can go in dreams and consciousness. Dig your feet into the ground and know that there is a vibration there that has the ultimate healing power. Dig your perception deep within yourself and own your MAGIC. Discover the other side of your fears, doubts and worries. Know that by owning your humanity, you welcome in your Divinity. Know that there is pure magic hidden where the Goddess slept. It…

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This story is probably as grim as I will ever get here… But I hope you can sense the underlying peace and eternal wisdom.

My Dream

I dreamt of the Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut as they happened. I woke early Friday morning with what felt like the flu, though I never get sick. Everything hurt. Much like my experience with the ET vision in Sayulita Mexico earlier this year. But this time, I forced myself back into sleep- where I was ushering children into hiding spots and trying to get them out of a large building. There was chaos, gunshots and blood. At one point, I’d hidden several children, and looked out to see what was going on– when I saw at least 5 children get killed right in front of me. I will spare you the graphics of everything I saw, but I will say that…

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Green Food is Good

Allow me to introduce you to Spirulina,  one of our most favorite super foods! With all of the hype about GMO- Monsanto-Franken-Neuro-Toxic-Mutant food, I wanted you to know that you can still get pure amazing nutritious HEALTHY food. Food that can even negate and detoxify you from the ill-effects of eating the packaged poop stuff.

And prevent further damage.

Spirulina, a form of blue-green algae,  boasts 10 times more beta carotene than carrots, is about 65% protein and provides us with essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants.

Millions of years ago, before we were even a tear-drop in Mother Nature’s eye – Spirulina flourished. The nutrients contained in the spirulina plant helped our planet evolve. It’s perhaps our earliest ancestor.

To me, it offers one of the simplest ways to end world hunger!  You actually need less food when you eat it because it…

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We decided to change things up a bit in Bliss Land and try a full cleanse in honor of aligning with our higher selves.

Food is not only a way to get energy, but food is vibration itself. So, of course we started playing with food — even more-so than we usually do. This cleanse incorporates high vibrational raw living foods, wild foods, power herbs, and nutrient dense superfoods. Plus, we are focussing a lot more on keeping our thoughts aligned with what we really want.

Do you know how much energy is truly wasted when you allow your mind to drift into worry, doubt and fear?

So, there will be meditation, yoga, and plenty of surprises– and of course, we are planning to share how it changes our lives.

The best part if this cleanse is that each of us is honoring our unique needs and therefore may eat…

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Got too many things whirling around in your mind to focus on what you really want? It happens! 2012 has been a year of massive shifting in consciousness, and we’ve all learned so much about our purpose. I keep saying it, but it’s oh so true — people are waking up everywhere!

For once, the things that consume Doug’s and my thoughts are EXCITING images of all that we have. We’re reeling in the abundance of supportive friends and beauty everywhere! It’s kind of ironic when you’ve got a mind so full of awesomeness, that you get stuck materializing that awesomeness into what you know is supposed to serve the world. We have so many more gifts to share with you. So, many that we can’t hardly contain ourselves. It’s taking everything we have not to completely spill the beans. But, we need more energy to go through with…

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Originally published a year ago, But oh how relevant it still is!

A late night visit from the 3-D Ganesha helped clear my air last night and remind me of my path. Ganesha, the remover of obstacles (according to Hindu culture) appeared to me as I looked up from my near-sleep, and he simply smiled. He’d never shown himself so clearly to me before, so of course — I rubbed my eyes to look again. And, I so love the way spirits have of proving themselves subtly to us. He moved to the left, moved to the right, and smiled again right into my eyes.  All I could feel was complete gratitude and freedom.

Self empowerment takes on a whole new meaning for many of us this month. I believe we Lightworkers are being called to directly stand up for ourselves in new ways — in order to re-claim the…

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