Blissing Out to Wish: The Raw Divas’ Amazing Production for Women Across the Universe

WISH | Women's International Summit for HealthSex, Food, Mood, Family, Spirit –YOU! They’ve Got it all covered.

OOOOOOOOOOOH my oh my. I cannot believe that I waited until now to tell you this.

The Raw Divas have put out this Fantastic Online Summit, WISH for women around the world (and you men who totally dig us). WISH stands for Women’s International Summit for Health.

But it is so much more than just that. Much like The Raw Mom Summit, WISH is full of experts and real people sharing their experiences in order to inspire and lift us.

Shannon Leone and Tera Warner interview gracious storytellers from every corner of the Health and Wellness spectrum.

I fell asleep to the inspiring vibe of Marianne Williamson, and literally closed my eyes feeling more sure of myself. She talked about how much easier life would be if we took the time to pray or meditate before taking on our challenges. Sounds simple, right? But how many of us actually do that?

If you want to  be successful in life and love and health, I think being coached and inspired is a MUST.

WISH is just like that. Like life coaching mixed with a big pow-wow and slumber party. Its the advice you WISH you wrote down years ago. Its finally giving yourself the chance to sit back and absorb the blessings you have and understand how to move forward.

WISH lays it all out there…. and makes you start believing in your own beauty again.

You Must hear it for yourself. You can still listen in on the calls for FREE. And, even if you just feel attracted to one speaker or one subject — I assure you that by the end of the hour you will be hooked!

Where can one REALLY get such heartfelt knowledge and experience in one place FOR FREE?

Shannon and Tera I love you for sharing this. Just that one call has changed my life. I will be listening in on as many as I can and will be purchasing the complete set to keep close to my heart forever.

The Summit runs free until March 19, and you can still hear  more than 20 wonderful speakers at no cost. Just sign up through this link and the Divas will send you email links to the calls.

2 responses to “Blissing Out to Wish: The Raw Divas’ Amazing Production for Women Across the Universe

  1. I’m so blissed to hear you how Marianne’s talk affected you Gina! Some people just know a great thing when they see it and you are one of those people. Thank you for sharing about WISH so others can take advantage of this opportunity to hang out with some of the most enlightened and inspiring people on the planet. Blissings xo

    • Shakaya, I know others have said this already, but YOU were also so enlightening and inspiring. To know that you pulled through such hard times makes everything seem more possible. WOW! thanks so much!

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