Vaccines Cause Micro Vascular Strokes: More info I Shared on the Raw Mom Summit

I’m constantly asked my opinion on the connection between vaccines and autism. And, while I have a strong opinion, it’s extremely important to me that you keep yourself informed on the facts. I have provided links to very helpful information. Please take the time to click.

Here are the Facts of Our autism Life

  • My son was born with several complications but developed normally for 12 months
  • He spoke, identified things and walked at 9 months (small words like “yellow” and “mommy”)
  • My son was vaccinated 24 times by the age of 2.
  • He got sick immediately after his last set of vaccines
  • He had never previously needed prescription medicine
  • I did not allow him to receive the MMR
  • My son was diagnosed with autism without having ever received the vaccines most commonly blamed for autism.
  • My son’s toxicity screening shows levels of metals, pollutants and chemicals that are also located in vaccines.
  • These toxins are also in water, air, food, home environment etc.
  • The detoxification of these pollutants through diet and sensory/energy healing has taken away the illness and side effects of what is called autism.
  • We never had money for much testing so I had to rely on my own study and intuition
  • We could tell by process of elimination and experimentation that my son was sensitive to many foods and was not absorbing his nutrition.
  • We suspected an overload of toxicity including, candida, parasites and the toxins which did show up on his screening.
  • We treated for Candida, parasites, metals and pollutants through diet and found that he is now better absorbing his nutrition and really beginning to soar developmentally

Here are some of the FACTS that helped me along my journey

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  • Live viruses found in tissue of children with autism: This reports  three cases, but I have contact with people who have developed measles while detoxing.  This means that the virus was in them and could not come out. Once they release the virus, they are one step closer to health. Donna Gates, of Body Ecology has a belief that viral infections are also an underlying problem (another toxin in the overload) of autism. Her Diet, the Body Ecology diet has a specific step to address this viral infection.

If the immune system is down it can let it other pollutants and parasites that would otherwise be pushed out through natural means. These parasites grow, feed off of our food and harbor disease.

Here’s some additional vaccine safety info that I hope will help you

I am not in the business of blaming any one person, doctor, vaccine, parasite or poison for my son’s illness. And, while I have decided not to vaccinate any more I will also say that recovery and complete wellness are about much more than simply not vaccinating. I am also of the opinion that vaccines cause harm to everyone, even if they don’t result in a diagnosis of autism.  Check out the CDC’s website for yourself. We are experiencing disgusting rates of allergies, asthma, food sensitivities, digestive issues and auto immune issues, obesity. All of these illnesses can be traced back to toxicity. And, to me vaccines are just another form of toxicity. For some, they are too much to handle and unfortunately, many of us find out after the fact. You have choices.

Perhaps vaccines actually do stop the spread of contagious diseases. The doctors and scientists whom I have spoken with truly do not know the answer to that. But The CDC will say that vaccines do work to do what they were meant to do, and that they are not related to autism.

So, what it comes down to is that it’s up to us to decide what’s best for us. It’s not enough to simply take away poison. We must feed our bodies pure health through food, thoughts, emotions, energy and exercise in order to thrive.

I feel the need to express that if you are a parent of a child with a” disability”  illness or autism I am on your side and I respect your journey, your outlook, your decisions and your rights to those decisions. If I can help you bring your child to better health I am here for you, even if we see things a bit differently. This is a reflection of my life, experience and study. I am open to any information that will bring health and happiness to my family.

Love and Light,


2 responses to “Vaccines Cause Micro Vascular Strokes: More info I Shared on the Raw Mom Summit

  1. republicofhealth

    Yes, this is true. I’m sorry for your son. Thank you so much for doing the research and realizing that you can reverse his condition. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! We are doing so well now that its hard to be sorry. Because he was so sick it really helps my husband and I appreciate EVERYTHING he does. so now when he says” no, i Can’t clean my room” we kind of smile because now he has his own ersonality and makes his own decisions. Even if they sort of defy what we want. he has taught us to be very patient and accepting. AND of course, we are so much healthier now because of him.


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