Fermented Foods for Gut Healing: Coconut Kefir and Cultured Beets — Recipes I talked about on the Raw Mom Summit

beetsMore times than not my counter top’s full of sizzling mason jars spreading their sour stink throughout our poorly ventilated apartment. My hubby and I used to argue about “the way I eat” and how it would drive him bonkers. But he’s settled down ever since I started sneaking spoonfuls of it into his shakes.
We ferment all kinds of veggies and drinks in our home and we do it for the sake of gut healing. See, gut problems lead to indigestion and malnutrition — undigested foods turn into toxins, and organs malfunction and allow other toxins to grow and thrive. With my son, the label makers liked to call this autism. Autism usually comes with horrific gut issues. And, I learned, that by repairing the gut we allow for the whole body to heal.

We began our recovery with fermented young coconut water (coconut kefir). I am blessed to have found this. Because it was coconut kefir and coconut kefir alone that helped clear the terrain for deeper healing. Kefir brought back eye contact where there was none. Kefir helped him focus. Kefir changed the bacterial make up in his gut, and he began craving greener foods. Soon, he loved all of his green veggies. And, we all know that green is good! Green heals!
Once I had the kefir in my own system as well – I could see the light at the end of the autism tunnel and it was bright!

Soon, my motto for health through food became Green it, Blend it, Ferment it. I use Body Ecology controlled culture starters to ferment, and I highly recommend this if you or your children have severe digestive problems.  You can ferment wildly like so many of our raw friends do. But, BED’s starters are very hearty and have been specifically formulated with bacterial strains to conquer candida, create vitamins, and assimilate nutrients from food and more.
When you ferment food you save the body time digesting. You make the nutrients more readily absorbable. You promote detox. The body begins to heal because it’s finally receiving the proper nutrition from every bite. So, even if your child lacks HCL (hydrocholoric acid) in the stomach and  has a hard time digesting everything he eats – fermented foods take hold and share their love inside his body. That’s why it’s such a necessary step when trying to undo the autism mess.  I advise my clients to begin with a tablespoon of coconut kefir each morning as a first step in the recovery journey. They can usually work their way up to a quart of the amazing drink within time.

Here’s my method of kefir making:

You’ll need:
1 box (9) young coconuts (which can be purchased most inexpensively at your local Asian market)

1 pack Kefir Starter

I glass pitcher

3-4 sterile quart sized mason jars

  1. Begin with room temp (75 degrees or warmer) coconuts and starter pack
  2. Open 3 coconuts (I just poke hole right below the tip with a screwdriver), and pour into glass pitcher. Make sure that the water is clear and not pink or brown.
  3. Pour that liquid into one jar.
  4. Add the kefir starter.
  5. Lightly stir
  6. Close the jar and let it sit out for 24-36 hrs.
  7. Then, split that batch into 2 jars.
  8. Add fresh coconut water from 3 more coconuts.
  9. Close jars and let sit for another 24 hrs.
  10. Repeat until you have used all of your coconuts.
  11. Refrigerate.

When the coconut water ferments it becomes a bit cloudy, bubby and tastes a little like champagne, you may sense that it smells like bread or beer and that’s fine. Don’t toss it if it doesn’t smell like roses. Sometimes the jars talk, sizzle, make  funky sounds and even vibrate and move on your counter top. Seriously! So, if there’s tons of action coming from a jar, I’d watch out. Tops do pop off. Handle this with komucha care. Every batch won’t ferment at the same pace.  Too much bubbling could mean it’s done fermenting and you can take a drink. Each jar of kefir can ferment about seven more jars. So you will want to leave about a ¼ cup of this magic juice in each jar to start the next batch.
No need to go too fast when embarking on your fermentation journey. There’s plenty of time to experience the magic. Check out the recipe in this issue of Health in High Heels! Just promise me you’ll go slowly with the kiddos. This stuff is very detoxing and chances are that they’ll be releasing a lot. The detox will be amazing if you support it with colon therapy, skin brushing, spa baths, energetic and emotional reinforcement as well as good old fashioned sleep.
Reactions to probiotic foods like kefir are really as varied as our kid’s symptoms. Some kids get hyper for a while others disconnect. It’s generally a sign that the body is pushing out the old. The body really wants to heal.  If you sense that embracing fermented foods as part of your autism healing plan is something you need to do for your child, then please don’t hesitate to contact me for help and support along the way. We can make healing easy if we do it together.

PS. The coconut meat can also be fermented with about a tablespoon of Kefir. This takes about 12 hours. You can do it overnight and wake up to a yummy raw yogurt in the morning!


“Hey Liver Toxins — Beet It” Fermented Beet Salad

(Originally published on Health in High Heels)

5 lbs red beets, shredded in food processor
Tons of dill
Juice of 4-5 lemons
2 cloves garlic
Caraway seeds to taste
About ¼ cup raw apple cider vinegar
Few cabbage leaves
Pure water
1 green apple
Few stalks of celery
1 culture starter from Body Ecology

Tiny glass
Humongous mixing bowl
Sterile quart-sized mason jars


  1. Empty room temp starter culture into 4 oz warmish water and set aside
  2. Shred your beets and add to mixing bowl
  3. Finely chop half of your dill and add that to mixing bowl
  4. Blend 1 green apple, about 4 cups water, handful of beets, celery, garlic and lemon juice and the remainder of dill in Vitamix or really good blender.
  5. Add water/culture starter mix to your blender.
  6. Pour liquid mixture over beets and mix well.
  7. Stuff your outrageously clean mason jars with these cultured vegetables leaving about 1.5 inches at top.
  8. Roll up some cabbage leaves and place atop each jar before sealing…. This helps prevent explosion.
  9. Seal tightly and run under hot water and wipe clean.
  10. I always do a blessing or intention on my veggies…. you can do this now if you choose.
  11. Ferment for 5-10 days at room temp.

The longer you ferment… the more sour they become.


This is a very cleansing food, so begin trying them in small amounts. You can use this mix as a dip for blue corn chips, raw chips, a topping for any salad or wrap, mixed with a nut or seed cheese for extra zing. Or you can even sprout some quinoa and/ or sesame seeds, blend them together and make dehydrated crackers with it. Very yummy, still raw — and possibly easier to get the kids to love.

Image Credit: Beet It, By Darwin Bell

65 responses to “Fermented Foods for Gut Healing: Coconut Kefir and Cultured Beets — Recipes I talked about on the Raw Mom Summit

  1. sherry cavaliere

    i have an autistic son that i want to recover and heal is there a step by step guide for me?

  2. Yay! Thanks so much for posting these recipes – is there a particular starter I need to use for the coconut kefir? I’ve got some yogourmet kefir starter and I wondered if I can use that, ro if you recommend something else? I’ve only ever made milk kefir before but we’ve been dairy-free for a long time now, so I very much want to try the coconut kefir instead.

  3. Thanks for posting! I need to start doing this!

    You do refrigerate the coconuts you are not using right away, right?

  4. Hi There,

    I made a batch of the coconut kefir for my son (2 years, diagnosed PDD). We also started him in a new supplement at the time. His behaviors went HAYWIRE and I thought it must have been the supplement, so we stopped it. But reading this again I see that the behaviors may have been from the kefir. When you stay to start slowly, how slowly do you mean? I was giving him 1 or 2 cups a day. It also made him INCREDIBLY GASSY. I stopped the kefir 2 days ago because I started to think I was doing more harm than good. I am so confused.

    • Hi Kim,
      kefir is very detoxing. start with 1/2-1 tsp inmorning then give him same doage before bed and see how that goes. also remember to open the avenues of detox with epson salt baths, castor oil packs, massage, skin brishing, rebounding, enemas and implants if you are comfortable with that.

      And be sure that he is on an easily digectible sugar free GFCF diet that will help. Don’t feel that you have to do this all at once. each step helps. I think he got gassy because of the candida die off and having nowhere for the toxins to go.

      Lots of Love,

      Let me know if you need anything else


  5. Dear Gina,
    Thanks so much for your reply. Have I done damage already? How do the toxins get out? How long does it take? Now I feel like I opened up a can of worms and he’s wallowing in toxins! He’s been tested and is high in many of the bad bacteria and slightly high in bad yeast. I’ve read about using activated charcoal, but he’s on so many supps that I find it difficult to space it away from everything (they recommend 6 hours). He is on a GFCF and soy free diet. We’re going to pull everything with yeast as well.

    I’m sorry- one last question. What should the final product for the coconut kefir look like? I’ve read two things: should it be like an off-white watery liquid or thick and white like a smoothie? My first batch (which I think I left on the counter too long) was more like water. And it does smell very strongly like beer.

    Thanks again! I really appreciate your time and support. I feel like I stumbled onto this kefir thing for a reason!


    • Hi Kim,
      There are many ways we can help toxins to e releases. a clean diet, lots of sleep, probiotic and easily digested foods, liver support, moderate exercise and energy healing are all tools you can use. The real key is to go slow. There is no failure. you simply go slowly and take careful notice to results and symptoms that arise. Let me know if you would like some personalized coaching or if you have any further questions, Gina

  6. My son is allergic to coconut and dairy. Do you recommend using anything else to make a kefir. Could I kefir his substitute milk? Great site. I love the body ecology diet.

    • Hi Rachel,
      We don’t eat dairy at all. I do not find it necessary in our diets. The coconut kefr as I have descrbed here is very very healing. You make it with coconut water from young coconut and a starter from Body Ecology. Hope this helps!

    • You can make kifer with full probiotics from water , sugar and a little fruit. The sugar all gets eaten by the probiotics.

      I just got my first batch from http://www.yemoos.com/

      be well,

  7. Thank you for this info. I’m planning on trying the fermented young coconut juice with my son who is almost 4. We was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 2 years old. God bless you and yours!

  8. rachel, I meant to say that the coconut kefir can actuallyhelp heal allergies. generally speacking when one is allergic to something it is to the proteins or the sugars. when we ferment the water we remove sugar… the protein is located in meat. You can check to see if your son is allergic to coconut water or just the meat.

    again, fermenting it actually creates a healing product. I also ferment beet juice, celery juice, mangosteen juice, cranberry lemonade. You can really ferement anything.
    we often see these allergies slipping away as we incorporate the good bacteria to heal the gut, because now we are giving them the tools to break down those foods.

    excitingly enough, I do know people who have been able to re-introduce dairy. Like I said we don’t do dairy but its nice to know that people are really recovering.

    let me know if I can help any further.


  9. hope u cn send for me about the recipe lemonade water kefir.thank…
    my email address is li_jiaxian@hotmail.com
    hope oso cn become friend.

  10. How can I find a recipe on fermented quinoa seeds drink preparation?

    • I’m going to play with a recipe tonight. But basically what I would do is soak your quinoa for a day. Rinse and make a milk out of it by blending with 3 parts water. Then strain the seeds. pour into a sterile glass jar and use a culture starter to ferment. I’d probably add soem agave and or honey to help feed the bacteria.

  11. Hi Gina,
    I made the young coconut kefir (with the body ecology starter), but mine doesn’t have any bubbles. Also, it didn’t “pop” or fizz when I opened the jar. It does takes slightly tart and spritzer-like. Also, I noticed white debris floating near the bottom of the jar.

    Does this sound right to you? Have you ever seen this?

    The only thing I might have done wrong is I took the kefir started out of the fridge (instead of using it at room temperature).

    Thanks for your help

    • This can happen. The probugs may be dead or just sleeping. If it were me I would try fermenting again by adding that batch to soem fresh coconut water. make sure you keep it at 70-80 degrees, and see what happens. Those little floaters are b vits. drink them that’s fine!

      when you first open a batch it should fizz. It may flatten when you have it in the fridge for a whle, but it will reawaken with each new batch.

      I hope this helps, Donna


  12. I meant to say, it “does TASTE slightly tart…. “

  13. Thanks Gina, that was really helpful.

    One last question, do you know how to be sure all the sugar is gone? I have Candida and don’t want to drink it if there is a chance it still has the sugar. If the jar doesn’t fizz upon opening and as you said, the probugs could be dead or sleeping, do you think they “ate” all the sugar?

    I like the way it tastes, (even though is slightly sour) which makes me think maybe it still has some sugar!

    I know this might be hard for you to determine, because you can’t see my jar, but I just thought I’d ask.

    Appreciate all your help and your awesome blog.

  14. hmmmm i would really just be guessing. why not just try adding to some fresh coco water. if its ferments 2x most likely all sugar is gone. thats the probugs job — to eat the sweet stuff.

    it should be slightly fizzy and it should pur like water, clean and crisp. if its syruppy sweet etc dump it and start over. also, do make sure you get the starter to room temp.

    My feeling is that it can stil work if you didn’t get them to room tem, but it wil just take longer.

    whike the starter packets are all the same, everyones home temp and environment differs so its really hard to be exact. but, once you learn you wil really love it and it will be a breeze

  15. Gina,
    Can I buy coconut kefir if I want to try it before I jump into making it myself? Do you sell it online?

    • You can buy it from a few sources. Body ecology sells coco-biotic online at bodyecology.com.

      Belly Veggies sells them online at Bellyveggies.com

      Its also available all of southern California at various Health Food stores like the SM Co op.

  16. If you all are interested, my wife and I have made available our kefir grains for a very good price…one can use these grains indefinitely, not having to worry about repurchasing starter cultures…also the grains are very healthy, they can be eaten as they multiply and grow….thanks I really enjoy your blog!

  17. Hi Gina
    sometimes when I make coconut kefir, at first the water looks white and clear. However when it is sitting on the counter overnight fermenting, it suddenly turns rosy or red in color. So, I end up tossing it. can you help me explain why?
    thank you!

    • what kind of starters and water are you using? what’s the temp in the room? are you sterilizing jars?

      kefir can feremt at 70-75 degrees, not much cooler than that

      sounds like it somehow went bad after fermenting a little. pink/brown coconut water indicates spoilage. sometimes when u open young coconut the water will be rosy. I just don’t use those
      I’ve had batches spoil but not turn rosy.

      Traditionally,the women of tribes woulld make fermented foods and say blessings over them to ensure their quality and power. I do this too. And when I don’t I am sure to mess up the batch.

  18. Hi Gina,

    I love your website, it’s answered a bunch of quetsions for me already – I just started the BED diet last week, so this is more of a diet question than a kefir question.

    As soon as I started the food combining, my energy dropped like crazy and I am dragging myself around. I used to be on the Suzanne Sommers diet years ago, which is also a food combining diet and had the same problem. I find that my energy increases dramatically when I eat protein and a grain at a meal (which is not allowed on the BED).

    This lack of energy is a real problem for me because I am quite athletic and need lots of energy for sports and exercise. I just don’t have the energy to work out when I’m on the BED.

    Do you have any suggestions? I’m wondering if I am not eating enough (although I’m pretty sure I am), or maybe I need to incorporate something else into my diet?

    Thanks so much!

  19. Hello Gina,

    My son has severe dysbiosis and i am already treating him with a combination of digestive enzymes, natural yeast killers rotation system, culturelle probiotics and some minerals, i am very interested in this young coconut kefir but am a full time working mom, and do just not have the time on top of all of the previous to start making it. The cocobiotic they sell is it as good as the real one? And can i still give him his probiotics on top of it?
    I live in Switzerland and forget about finding young coconuts or young coconut kefir in the shops…
    Best Regards,

    • Coconut Kefir is really not hard to make once you get the hag of it. But to start I would recommend buying the already made cocobiotic and innergy biotic. Yes, they are very very powerful. You want to continue probiotics. they will likely work much better with the addition of fermented foods. You can also rotate your probiotics. Let me know if you need any more help.


  20. Hello gina,

    Thank you for your fast answer!
    do you have any idea how much i could give him ( 3 years old!).
    Should i alternate or give both in the same day?
    No sugar i hope seen his fungus issues?

  21. rhonda mitchell

    I want to add coconut kefir to my son’s detox program. I am wondering if you had any problems getting your son to drink it?

  22. When you use the 1/4 cup to make another batch, how long do you ferment. The 24 hours or 24-36? Also, can you take the 1/4 cup after 1st batch and add coconut milk to make a coconut milk kefir from the coconut water kefir? I saw what you added about the coconut meat and I started thinking 🙂 Thanks for your response!

    • the 2nd, 3rd and 4th …. batches usually ferment quicker… depends on temp of house too (anywhere for 12-24 hours. when y he was very well heated (thanks to the land lords) it would take like 15 hours to ferment the consecutive batches. and, yes, you can ferment coconut ilk (make ur own or even in a can) This has less health benefits, especially if using canned. U can also use coconut water kefr to ferment any other kind of juice etc.. grape juice is delish. cranberry is great too. ginger, green apple, is yum.. play with it its fun xoxo

  23. Wonderful blog. So glad to hear that your son has recovered. I am doing sort of the same approach with my son, lots of fermentd foods, homemade kefir with my own kefir grains (tibicos), however, we do include animal products as nature intended them to be, raw cow’s milk, grassfed beef, pastured chcken and eggs, all following the Weston Price diet, also lots of good fats such as coconut oil, raw butter, raw cream, etc. According to the Weston Price guidelines, there are nutrients in animal products that vegetables can not supply. When one Googles Sally Fallon and autism, she provides with wonderful additions more than restrictions to an autistic child diet. Anyways, glad that this has worked for your son.

  24. Gina,
    I prayed today then got on the internet and found this. My son was “diagnosed” by school w/autism at 3. I’ve never accepted this, and over the years he’s 6 now , he has improved dramatically. I have tried just about all. Gfcf, candida diet, raw foods, food combining, elimination, juicing, coconut diet, and now slow oxidizing diet. I believe this latest diet is where he and I (I have traced his symptoms back to me) need to be. He was diagnosed with pdd nos last month and recently during the holdidays I let him have any food he wanted. I folded under the pressure of disapproving people who thought I was crazy. Since then, he has started vocal stimming, and went backwards. We had lots of biomed tests and his copper/zinc ratio is off. His yeast level is fine (i think because of the candida diet) but he does have bad bacteria. I am intrigued by your story because he and i did seem to improve on the Coconut diet and I just last week started giving him fresh coc water once a week. I gave him fermented cabbage juice last summer, and it was difficult and I wasnt sure it was working so I stopped. But if this works, I’m committed to doing it. Please let me know when you split the first two jars, and add the 3 more coconut do you add another starter pack? And when you start the 2nd, 3rd, …. do you not need the starter pack any more? How long then do you have to wait? Can u buy the starter pack at Whole Foods? Do they sell an already fermented coc water? Also, I know all these kiddos r different, but I’m feeling a little discouraged at the moment, how long did recovery take ur son? How old is he now? Sorry for the long story. I love my son and trying not to let this break my heart. I do believe God sent me here for a reason.

    • yes! I do feel that prayers and visualizing exactly what we need always brings me together with the right people. Thank you for finding my site. I hope it helps and inspires you. Your son can heal. Its not all about 1 one of eating.. Its about finding the perfect way of eating for your body. No worries about the naysayers.. really they only serve to make us stronger. The best of us have “folded” under pressure. Our kiddos can and do bounce back.

      The Body ecology starters have instructions on them. This here is my method.. and to be honest it kind of changes since bacteria are sensitive. (depending on temperature in your home and things like that) sometimes it lasts longer than others. But generally you will use one packet of starter for x # of quarts and then you will need another starter packet. It doesn’t live forever like the grains do.. but i find it more potent and better results using the starter packs from Body Ecology.

      You have to order them online unless you live in so California.

      Seems liek you have tons of questions. I am here if you want to speak on the phone. Just let me know.

      Much love for your journey to recovery. make it a beautiful one full of gratitude.


  25. Yes, and thank you so much for your speedy reply. I want to try the raw food diet, but I struggled w/it before because everyone else in the house eats “normal”. I have a 3yr old daughter who refuses to eat veggies, or even any of the veggie/fruit juices I juice. She has exihibited some delays as well so I would like to start her now w/Christopher, but how do I get her to eat/n drink this stuff? I tried the “eat it or eat nothing” method, but she went a whole day without eating, so again I left her alone.
    Do I give him the coconut water in addition to the juicing? What supplements should I be giving? I think he may be on too many. How long should I stick with it before I see results? My biggest prob is he is in school now so I only have a short window of time to give him his stuff. He won’t eat raw in school because he sees everyone else w/their food. Do you have a diet menu/recipes for these things? It seems we’re eating salad and carrots all day.

    Lastly, I saw the program you run, does that include supplements, or are there additional things with that? Please let me know how to contact you, right now it’s almost 4am in Chicago and I can’t even sleep anymore (largely because my son woke up at 1am and I’m hearing his noises 3hrs now).

  26. Hey Staycee! You sound like a mama on a major mission. I love that. That’s the energy it takes to recover our kids. My approach is sloe and steady for lasting results so I think you will love the program It answers all these questions in time and helps you implement them

    I share tons of recipes, daily mantras and so much more that sometimes the questions about specific foods really depend on your son’s specific needs. its not about all raw or all BED or all anything except All whatever is correct for him and that will probably fluctuate as we address different deficiencies and toxicities and rebuild his system.

    Call me at 773-598-8807 for a free 10 minute call. Leave me a message if I am on the other line, and I will call you back asap. The one year program comes with a 1 hr consult in the beginning to get you started, so if you want to do that we can schedule it when you call.

    I am here to support you!



  27. sorry some of my response got cut off.. just give me a call and we’ll talk


  28. Hi,
    I couldn’t find the application. Please let me know where it is again so we can fill it out and get started. Also, we just started looking on info about homeschooling, I wanted to have my ducks in a row and be sure about this before I contact his school (we don’t have the best relationship w/his school). Please let me know. Thanks again.

  29. Hi Staycee… I didnt have your email addy. here si the link to the application:http://yourhighervibration.wordpress.com/book-a-session/new-client-application/

    we can start as soo as you send payment via paypal to gina@healartfully.com

    PS. I am coming to chicago in april 26- may15

  30. Hi Gina, I love your site, Im starting the BED diet again. I fell off the wagon.
    Anyway, Can you tell me how to culture sweet potatoes or yams ?
    Are they allowed on stage one?
    Can they combine with meats?

    • hey Audra. You can culture anything u like. just add starter. take a look at my cultured beet recipe on here, You do it the same way. Cut them the way you like etc. they don’t have to be shredded etc. The key is to use starter, make sure everything is clean and sealed. and that your veggies are covered with the brine (liquid+starter). if u like you can use rolled cabbage leaves to hold your veggies in the jar before you seal it up.

  31. Hi Ginalaverde,,, I was intrigued with this fermented coconut treatment. I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis for almost 20 years, since I was 17. As of 4 years algo I have gone natural with my treatment and have to say have been doing good but yet still experiencing the odd flare -up 2 times a year. I haven’t had any diary in the past 4 years and am on a very restricted diet which my Naturopath has given me. At the moment I avoid the following foods,, Dairy, Corn, night shade veggies like egg plant, white potatoes, tomatoes, legumes, peppers, mushrooms, and all source of sugars including fruits. I am taking many supplements such as renew life liver cleanse, milk thistle liver cleanse, Omega 3 fish oils, msms glucosamine, and biotone,, my question is do you think this coconut kefir will do me any well? I am aware you are not a doctor but would really like to know if anyone you may know who has RA has done this and it has helped then at all?? I think your site is great and I am very hopeful it will do me well.

    • Yes, absolutely. Try the kefir. It has helped many people with arthritis mainly because it helps with digestion, first. And it is the most powerful thing I know if to clear up digestion. I used to be allergic to wheat, and would get awful bone and muscle pain after having wheat. Kefir took that away. I can even eat wheat now! Please find us at blissedlife.com. That’s where we have moved all of our information . Much love!

  32. Hi Gina , do i really need to add a starter when i making my fermented veggies?? .I been fermenting for about a year now w/o it. Thanks

    • Hi Fatima,

      The starter just makes it a whole lot stronger. When healing from something really complicated like autism, we needed strong probiotics. Wild fermentation is great in theory, but you would need to. Ow that your vegetables were the most organic, enzyme rich, fresh etc….. The starters just add to that.

  33. Thank you for every other informative website. Where else may I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I have a venture that I’m simply now operating on, and I’ve been at the look out for such info.

    • Thank unfortunate reading. I’m so happy it helped you. Please find us at blissedlife.com. We have moved all of our info there. It’s a happier place with more information so Gina

  34. Hi;
    I have a daughter about to be 2 yrs old. She was diagonised with Autism last month. We are just following strict GFCF diet and no sugar. Can you tell me which will be benefit for 2 yr old.. tender coconut Kefir or coconut water kefir?


  35. Have you tried the kefir grains?
    Are they the same as the water kefir packages?
    I like the grains because you can us them over and over and they multiply so you can give them away. What are your thoughts on this?

  36. Hello Gina, I was wondering on your you tube channel you show fermented garlic. I did exactly like you said, but mine jar looked nothing like yours. I add 1/3 cup of coconut oil, 1/3 cup olive oil, 1/3 cup of vinegar, and 1/4 cup honey. I also add 1/4 cup of coconut kefir. How. Long do I leave it out? Do I store it in the fridge
    or on the counter? Please do more fermented videos.

  37. Hi Gina,
    I did the yck and it fermented a lot earlier. After 36hrs I saw a white smily layer on the kefir. Is the kefir good?

  38. Great work! This is the type of information that should be shared across the net.
    Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this publish higher!

    Come on over and discuss with my website . Thanks

  39. Hi I am fighting candida I just made my first batch using young coconut milk and kefer starter kit .I Have a white film on top and white things floating on top. Is this ok Thanks Angie

  40. Hello. I made some coconut keffir with body ecology starter. I feel that I followed it but it turned out flat and slimy. Have you had this before?
    Any tips?

    • Hey There! Please come see me at BlissedLife.com… This is where I share now. Yes, I have had this happen with the kefir…. it could be that the good bugs died because the room temperature shifted during the fermentation process. It needs to be a steady temperature. Some people will put kefir in a cooler or cabinet to help maintain that. I’ve noted that when the bacteria overcome the yeast it gets thicker and more sour and less fizzy. The bacteria are a bit stronger than the good yeasts, and they will eat them. So, another thing we can do is add a little sugar (agave, coconut sugar, fruit juice) to feed the yeast and keep the balance of bacteria/yeast. Or another possibility is that it fermented for too long. That it was actually finished before you began drinking it (and it kept going, allowing the bacteria to overcome the yeast). if the room is warm it may not even take a whole 24 ours to complete. We are working with nature here and there is a certain amount of unpredictability. But, please do keep going with it, You will get it. And it is so nourishing. If the current batch doesn’t have mold or taste really bad, you can use a spoon of it to start a batch of fermented vegetables, seed cheese or dip. Much Love! Gina

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