B l i s s e d LIFE

Originally published in 2011, But oh how relevant it still is!

A late night visit from the 3-D Ganesha helped clear my air last night and remind me of my path. Ganesha, the remover of obstacles (according to Hindu culture) appeared to me as I looked up from my near-sleep, and he simply smiled. He’d never shown himself so clearly to me before, so of course — I rubbed my eyes to look again. And, I so love the way spirits have of proving themselves subtly to us. He moved to the left, moved to the right, and smiled again right into my eyes.  All I could feel was complete gratitude and freedom.

Self empowerment takes on a whole new meaning for many of us right now. I believe we Lightworkers are being called to directly stand up for ourselves in new ways — in order to re-claim the strength…

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