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Gina LaVerde

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I come from a rich family. Rich in the tradition of Italian eating, loud hand-talking and love. I learned to make spaghetti before I could spell and spent lots of time wondering when we were going to eat next. Because when we eat – we connect. I am at home in the kitchen, and am grateful and amazed that the simple value of eating homemade meals lead me to discover the healing power of food.

I grew up watching the dolls dance on my bedroom shelves at night. Communicating with the ghost of my great grandmother in the basement, questioning religion, creating science experiments, organizing neighborhood fun fairs — and exaggerating about all of it in my journals. I kept one since age 8.

In 2006, when I officially became the mom of a child who was drastically affected by the many toxins around him, and subsequently diagnosed with autism — my dream world fell apart. And as we undid my son’s autism, I found more answers in each

layer of my life.

It became clear, very early on, that I needed to address my own health issues as well. For many years, a systemic candida infection caused major fatigue, migraines, fainting spells, lack of concentration and a host of other debilitating symptoms. Of course, this same infection was also present in my son.

The keys to healing had been given to me at birth. I knew instinctively to begin recovering my family by cleaning up our diets with wholesome organic, highly absorbable, vegan foods that promoted detox. Further studies helped me to determine what those exact foods were. My intuition grew as we got healthier.

Soon, I dove into studying natural health in greater depth and had the opportunity to train with Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet. I became a  Reiki  pracitioner, took Shamanism classes, and read every book I could that spoke to our ability to heal ourselves. I learned to embrace writing, art, movement, spirit, science, nature and myself as scared parts of one whole harmonized self.

Now, I dedicate myself to spreading this harmony into your lives.  I believe that by working with conscious people who are hungry for positive change – we create a harmonized world.


I offer intuitive Reiki healings and nutritional coaching with Body Ecology and raw foods.  I also run a one-year healing program for autism recovery. We can work in person or long distance.


17 responses to “About Gina

  1. G Mama! U Rock! I love to eat up all your yummy knowledge!

  2. Hi Gina! I come from a latin family that marry into an Italian family, so you can imagine the fun mix in traditions and food options.
    My son started experiencing severe allergies, digestions problems and asthma. The whole process has obligated me to learn, deviate from old traditions and search for options. I am still a baby in this journey, but every day I learn a little more from moms like you.
    Thanks for all the information you have shared through the rawmomsummit! Loved your show.

    I would like to invite you as guest speaker in my live stream show at momtv. I have a lot moms facing autism that would certainly benefit from your knowledge. Shoot me an email when you have a minute!

    Blessings, Liseth Araya-Guadagno

    • hey Liseth! I gotta tell u, I cried tears of joy when I ate some pasta (completely home made) after over a year w/o tomatoes, etc. There is ssmehting to be said about tradition. I dont think it should rule us or come before health. But, let’s just say I know your feelings 🙂

      so glad u enjoyed the summit.

      Count me in for your show.


  3. hi gina i am from Puerto Rico ,i have a 4 year old boy who was autistic he is doing fine know, but still have gut problems and heavy toxic metal
    he also dont masticate ,everything has to be milled, i will like to use this diet but i dont konw how to start.My english is not so good
    thank you Carla
    thank you ,carla

    • Hi carla,
      I’d love to help you with your son. Nutrition can do wonders for the entire body. Food really IS medicine. I sent you an email. I’m learning Spanish and your English sounds great to me so I believe we can work togetehr just fine.
      Talk soon,


  4. Hi Gina,

    Would LOVE the opportunity to connect with you as we share the same interests.


  5. Hi Gina – Great to stumble upon your site. I found it while searching “how to get your child to drink coconut kefir” ! I have an autistic, non verbal 7 year old boy. I want so desperately for him to be able to speak to us. I have made the kefir before (a year or two ago) and he would NOT drink it. Any suggestions?

    • make sure it is fermented correctly. in fact, start with something premade like cocobiotic or innergy biotic from Body Ecology so that you know it has the proper microflora for sure. no questions. Then start with such a small amount. maybe put a dropper full in a shot glass of green apple juice or cranberry juice. or give him a shot glass of it with stevia. or make a smoothie and just splash some cocobiotic on top.

      the microflora will take hold and help change taste buds. no need to go quickly. soon he will handle it better and even like it but it takes some getting used to on all levels.
      I;m here if u have any other questions

  6. Hi Gina,

    I am Mom to a beautiful, wonderfully spirited son, Aidan (5 1/2 years old). Aidan is extremely high functioning, but on the autism spectrum. If I had to hold his doc’s feet to the fire for a diagnosis, it would be ADHD. But physiologically, he suffers from many of the same disorders that plague autistic children – gut issues, including bacteria and yeast, food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, recurring viral infections, etc.
    We have spent the last 3 years working with his pediatrician (who is also a naturopath), a homeopath, and a chiropractor.
    We have tried MANY different therapies, some medical and many biomedical, including: IV chelation therapy; Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment; prescription antiviral medication, antibiotics, and anti-fungal medications; drastic diet changes; daily vitamin supplementation; routine chiropractic care; homeopathic remedies & natural, herbal supplements.
    Aidan eats a whole foods, mostly organic diet, free of gluten and casein. He eats lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies, and as little processed, sugary, dye-laden foods as possible.
    I have a close friend (who is also a homeopath and lives a raw food lifestyle) who has suggested that raw food and natural detox may help Aidan. I am very interested, but not sure where or how to begin. I was looking at rawmom.com, checking out the raw mom summit, and your bio quite literally jumped off the computer screen at me. I would greatly appreciate any advice or help you could give.

    Allie Pence

  7. Gina,

    I forgot to add this: most of Aidan’s medical issues manifest as behavioral problems. (He is rarely in pain, and is extremely verbal – even when the issue is an illness, he rarely acts “sick.” His behavior just gets completely out of control)
    His father and I are committed to doing everything we can to keep him OFF of the ADHD medications (adderol, ritalin, etc) We have tried a couple of different meds in the past, but he is SO sensitive to chemicals, that either they don’t work at all, or he builds up a tolerance fairly quickly. Most importantly, the drugs do NOTHING to heal the child – they only treat the symptoms of ADHD. We refuse to sentence him to a lifetime of toxic drugs, and instead are committed to healing Aidan’s body, hoping that with healing will come balance in his body.
    Sorry to be so long winded on your blog – thanks in advance!

    Allie Pence

  8. Hi Gina,
    I was researching Spirulina and autism when I found your site. Jamaican here. I am a mother of a happy and beautiful 3 years old babygirl. She was diagnosed with autism a few months ago. She struggles very hard to say words and only repeats/ echo words she most often learn from watching the television, but has never had a conversation with us. I really would love to see her healed of autism but until then, I would love to hear her speak. Could you say if Spirulina could help her?

  9. Hi Gina
    I am so happy to find your site , i’ve 30 years old autistic son putting him on g.c free diet for 2 years but not having results yet until now so please i’d like to emailing you hopfully to reach together to some help
    thank you so so much in advance

    • Hi Asma, nice to meet you. there is a lot of help. People can heal regardless of age, and beginning with GFCF allows you to at least understand that food makes a difference. I’d love to help you. You can email me at gina@blissedlife.com to schedule an appointment. Also, please check out my newest site http:/www.blissedlife.com. This is where we post all of our information now.

      Much love to you and talk soon!


  10. Hi Gina,
    I have a 4-year old who has been loaded with toxins except vaccines. Guess what, same biological response as most. Can you help me with his diet?

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