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Global Harmony Healing Meditation with Gina and Doug

B l i s s e d LIFE

It’s Time to get Real. Time to demonstrate what LOVE can really do. Time to face what has been bothering us and walk forward together.

August 8, 2015 (8/8/8) represents a portal for global Harmony. I didn’t make that up. It has been written in the stars.

In honor of this energetic opening, let’s come together to create a MOMENT OF HARMONY.

When we harmonize, we heal. When we beat as one even for a split second, we create positive change. There are countless righteous causes to get behind in this time. Countless ways to spread our LOVE. But, only when we sink in to that quiet space of connection, does our work come into fruition.

Please Join Doug and Me this Saturday 8/8/2015 at 11:11 am pst for 22 minutes of healing meditation. 

Our purpose is to gather in unison of breath and spirit to spread harmony to our…

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Become the Healthiest YOU: Complete Health RESET Online Course

Home Made Essential Oil Parasite BioFilm Cleanse and the Cure for All Diseases

B l i s s e d LIFE

Gina Yellow shirtEverybody’s got worms.  Just ask Hulda Clark. I read her book, “The Cure for ALL Diseases” back in 2000, and now I’m receiving such help from her work in my life.

To some extent all of our bodies can harbor parasites. And, parasites have been found at the core of many illnesses, like autism and cancer. In the beginning of our healing journey, I did a vibrational parasite cleanse on my son (which I often talk about), and saw many “bugs” come out in his poop. There are 2 significant things about that.

  1. After releasing parasites, he was able to speak clearly for a while (he’d often go back to being non-verbal until the next time parasites were released).
  2. I didn’t give Dougie any parasite herbs because I felt they were too strong for his little body. So, I took the herbs myself and vibrationally sent the energy of them…

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Reiki Certification Training for Conscious Parents, Autism and Special Needs: Tele-Class (Levels 1-2)

B l i s s e d LIFE


Heal Our Children:: Heal Our Planet

We want you to feel the relief and transformation we get to see with our son every day! We want your children to live up to their potentials and have fun on the journey thereReiki is a beautiful form of energy healing that helped us heal our son from an autism diagnosis.  Now, we are offering this virtual course that combines Reiki Teachings with the intricacies of helping ALL of our children THRIVE. 

This Class is OPEN to Parents, Caregivers and Educators of Today’s Children.  We are inter-weaving the delicate aspects of sharing this with Special Needs Children because we believe that all children truly deserve the most exquisite care, and that our children with autism and related conditions are the pioneers of showing us how to HEAL OUR WHOLE CULTURE. Our kids’ health is effected by their environment, food, and the energies around…

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A Note from Autism

B l i s s e d LIFE


I want you to see what I see and hear what I hear. I want you to feel the texture of the air on your face the way I do. I want you to know that sometimes you think I’m not responding because I am checking in with all of the data-bases in my head to decide how to best share with you.

Sometimes I need alone time for that. Sometimes I need to dance my body, shake my hands, spin, hum, chew on something or even make noises that are weird to you. I cannot help that I am so full of information to share, nor can I help that you don’t already have a means for understanding my ways.

But, I’ll tell you what, if you look and listen you will see what I mean. If you try, you can clearly see that I am always responding to…

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To Vaccinate or Not: Your Decision

B l i s s e d LIFE

10492378_10203387050389751_5350073954897025254_nWhen I first became a mom, deciding whether or not to vaccinate my son was not in my realm of thinking. I didn’t realize that I had a choice in the matter. I thought that being vaccinated meant being safe against disease. I decided to raise the healthiest, happiest child, and follow the best advice about how to do that.

I put my trust in my mother and in my doctors, and chose really respectable physicians.  I’ve always had an investigative brain and a distaste for the idea of authority. But, when it came to my child, I gave in and trusted — reasoning that I couldn’t possibly know more than a doctor.  I had done zero research into what vaccines do to the body, their ingredients or any other key facts that parents NEED to know.

I feel that there is danger in intelligence without spiritual direction. The idea…

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BLISSED Life Retreat::Joshua Tree, CA:: 2/28-3/2::Activating Our Highest Bliss

BLISSED Life Retreat::Joshua Tree, CA:: 2/28-3/2::Activating Our Highest Bliss.

BLISSED Life Retreat::Joshua Tree, CA:: 2/28-3/2::Activating Our Highest Bliss

B l i s s e d LIFE

The Goddess energy is a place inside you


that has, until now, been hidden or repressed. It’s the spark of your intuition and instinct. It’s what connects you to Gaia, Mother Earth and to your human body. It’s the solid foundation you live on. Your support. Your bones. Your core.

It is because of this Goddess in you that you can plant your feet and spread your wings. The more you are in-tune with Her in You, the higher you can go in dreams and consciousness. Dig your feet into the ground and know that there is a vibration there that has the ultimate healing power. Dig your perception deep within yourself and own your MAGIC. Discover the other side of your fears, doubts and worries. Know that by owning your humanity, you welcome in your Divinity. Know that there is pure magic hidden where the Goddess slept. It…

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B l i s s e d LIFE


This story is probably as grim as I will ever get here… But I hope you can sense the underlying peace and eternal wisdom.

My Dream

I dreamt of the Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut as they happened. I woke early Friday morning with what felt like the flu, though I never get sick. Everything hurt. Much like my experience with the ET vision in Sayulita Mexico earlier this year. But this time, I forced myself back into sleep- where I was ushering children into hiding spots and trying to get them out of a large building. There was chaos, gunshots and blood. At one point, I’d hidden several children, and looked out to see what was going on– when I saw at least 5 children get killed right in front of me. I will spare you the graphics of everything I saw, but I will say that…

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