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My Purple Delight

By, Shannon Neubauer

He speaks like the cure “she said”
So in
So warm in you
The way your goofiness often times supercedes your coolness and you just don’t care
Your energy, it’s warmth, it’s spiral continuance into me
The way you try not to look at me, not to stare
Your outrageous laugh so contagious
Like me with your “just a bit of whiskey tonight”
Hmm, eyes lock and we can almost swallow each other whole
Energy exchange, I feel you
Your smile
Your brilliance
You make me ooze with delight
I want to devour your wholeness
And clean with it
So in
So warm in you
Everything I ever wanted
My insides soar when you’re near
Did you know that when you look at me, I see you?
Our energies were meant to intertwine, collide, combine,
When will be the next time you float into me?
Warm air, sunshine, flowers, music, dancing, kissing, pulling me in, thriving, experiencing, being…
So in
So warm in you