Heal Artfully is Moving to BlissedLife.com

We are taking our Bliss Loving autism healing family of three on the road to promote ultimate wellness for all. We’re still running our 1 year autism healing program and teaching autism undone classes around the world.  Check out http://www.Blissedlife.com for more info and contact us if you’d like to host a class or event in your home town

Gina, Doug, and Dougie

The Health and Happiness You Desire For Your Family Is YOURS!

Has someone you love dearly been diagnosed with autism? Have you been told that they will never thrive?

I helped my son pull through the most uncomfortable symptoms of severe autism. He went from no language, food allergies, frustration tantrums, putting everything in his mouth, toe walking, hand flapping, crying constantly, distended belly, chronic infections and hurt — to becoming aligned with the vibrant being he is.

Your child can thrive too!   There is no such thing as a “window” of time.  It is never too late, my friend.

Contact me, we’ll do this together: Gina@BlissedLife.com

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