Reiki is a gentle healing art that is used to bring relief to your physical, emotional and mental suffering. Pronounced “Ray-Kee,” this beautiful vibrational healing feels like a surge of love pulsing through your veins, and can bring great clarity and openness in little time.

Reiki originated thousands of years ago in Tibet, and was re-introduced to us by a Japanese monk named Dr. Mikao Usui in the 19th century.

The system, which literally means “spiritually guided life force energy”– allows me, as the practitioner, to tap into source energy and use it to help heal you. The Reiki vibration is one of intense healing power, that is now even being recognized as effective complimentary medicine all over the western world.

As the practitioner, I become a channel for that energy to flow through.

Reiki knows no limits of time or space. Energy travels with a thought or intention and can reach you no matter where you are. All services are offered in-person and online or by phone.

What to Expect From Your Reiki Treatment

  • We connect in-person, online or by phone
  • If we meet in -person, you are welcomed into my healing space, and I perform a series of Reiki Hand postures over specific parts of your body (chakras) with or without touch — allowing the universal energy to flow through you
  • If we meet online, we meet for a moment to connect, and then I perform the healing treatment at a distance as if you were here with me
  • You may sleep during your session if you like
  • Many people experience deep relaxation, pain relief, and a release of mental and emotional stress
  • Many people also experience relief from illness and intuitive messages
  • We can include healing oils, stones, music and any messages that came to me during your session (if you like)
  • You receive a follow-up email with insights and advice

Your experience and your session will be as unique as you are, and I tailor each session to suit your needs at that moment. Because Reiki is a vibration, it sticks with you over time and you may feel the results for days or even weeks after your session.

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Reiki Services:

In-person and Long Distance Treatments: 60-90 minutes/$85

Reiki Healing Attunements: $50

A Reiki Healing Attunement is an energetic quantum leap to your best self. Healing attunements help you remove blocks (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) so that you can see your path much clearer. This is great if you have a specific problem that you feel is blocking your growth. Healing attunements can also be used to kick-start a specific goal, or release undesirable life patterns. The Reiki energy connects directly with your higher self during a healing attunement.

Reiki Certification Training:

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Level 1 Attunement and Certification: $222

Level 2 Attunement and Certification: $333

Level 3 Reiki Master Attunement and Certification:$555

Reiki Master Teacher Attunement and Certification: $777

Accelerated classes and packages are available.

Before booking your session, please complete the new client application form by clicking here

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photo credit: Alice Popkorn