Medical Disclaimer

Gina LaVerde is not a licensed  physician, and does not share medical advice. Her services and the  information provided on this website are intended as educational  material, and have not been approved by the FDA.

Before choosing to work with Gina LaVerde as your health coach, life coach or energy healer, you must agree to these terms.

Reiki  is an ancient healing art that is non-invasive, all natural and safe.  Reiki cannot cause harm and can be done with or without touch.  A Reiki  practitioner taps into “source” energy and allows it to flow through the  client, using specific hand positioning on or above the 7 chakras and  other places on the body. The intention is to bring relaxation, clarity  and assistance in healing your life on emotional, physical and mental  levels. It can also be done from a distance. Reiki is now used in many  hospitals and western –based healing facilities as a complimentary  practice.

Gina’s intuitive healing services are an extension of  her Reiki practice, and are safe, non-invasive, natural and can be done  with or without touch and from a distance.

<em><strong>This  treatment is alternative or complementary to healing arts services  licensed by the state of California. These services are not licensed by  the state of California.</strong></em>

We strive to provide you with  the most well researched and up-to-date information, but suggest that  you continue your own research. Only you have the power to know what’s  best for your health.

Gina LaVerde is a Certified Reiki  Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher, Body Ecology Coach, Raw Foods Coach, Life Coach, Intuitive  Healer and professional writer and business owner.

Gina LaVerde  has studied Autism, Digestive Recovery and Body Ecology Diet coaching  with Donna Gates; Shamanic Healing with Joan Forest Mage; Movement,  Sound and Sensory Healing with Joan Forest Mage; Chinese Herbalism and  Qi Gong at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine;  and Reiki 1, 2  and master levels with Andrea Friedman and Laura Bruno.

She continues expand  her education and is currently taking classes in Reiki Master Teacher  training, Chinese Herbalism, acupressure, intuitive healing, Bhakti  yoga, and nutrition.

Gina received her BA in creative writing  from Columbia College in Chicago, and has written and researched  professionally for 10 years in the field of health.

Please check  with your preferred medical professional for any medical questions, and  before you decide to make dietary or life changes.

Gina LaVerde  is not responsible for any misunderstanding or problems that occur as  the result of use of her coaching services or website.