Body Ecology

Excellent Gut Health is a clear sign of total wellness.

The Body Ecology Diet, created  by Donna Gates,  is a detailed map for  healing your digestive tract, and creating energy in your body to balance health and push out disease.  Once your gut begins to heal, you can  experience mental clarity, brilliant energy, restful sleep, recovery from candida, yeast, autism, fibromyalgia, allergies, pain and chronic, and even terminal illness.

Did you now that vitamins are manufactured in your gut? Toxic build-up from diet is released though our guts. Our mood are governed by  organisms in our our guts.

I find this to be an excellent place to begin healing.

Contact me for a private sessions, and learn how some or all of Body Ecology’s principles may benefit your health.

Gina LaVerde

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10 responses to “Body Ecology

  1. Hi Gina. I am really interested in getting a plan together for my son Caiden. He is two years old and is on the spectrum. He has multiple food
    allergies and leaky gut. I have had him GFCF for awhile and I want to take the next step and put him on the Body Ecology Diet. I have read the book, but I would just like some guidance and someone to help me with a meal plan, fermenting foods and recipes. Can you tell me
    if this is the sort of thing you do and if so, when you are available?

    Jamie Dlugos

  2. I heard you can ferment veggie juices. how do you suggest one do that? I mean, I know how to ferment cabbage into kraut, but veggie juices? do i just add salt to it and put it in a jar like kraut? Thank you Gina, and blessings n well wishes to you and your beautiful family. keep going !

    • I use packaged culture starters to ferment everything that I ferment. I use Body Ecology brand. And, I will also often add probiotic powders, enzymes, algae or green powders to my cultured vegetables.

      I culture beet juice, celery and cucumber. You can culture any juices you like. But the sweeter ones may turn into alcohol so be careful.

      Here’s a recipe:

      Juice 5 beets and 2 heads of celery in your juicer.
      bring to room temp (70-80 degrees F)
      pour into quart sized sterile glass mason jar
      add one packet of body ecology kefir or culture starter (or both, if you like)
      seal and leave to ferment for 24-36 hours at room temp.

      After 24 hours, taste it. it should be bubbly and sour.
      you can add it to smoothies, soups, salad dressing. I find this combo very good for this time of year when our livers are cleansing.

      Hope this helps


  3. Hi Gina,

    I have just started body ecology with my son Ausdyn who is 26 months. He has just been diagnosed as being on the spectrum but we have known ourselves for over a year. We have been doing GF/CF for 6 months and the coconut kefir for about 2. All I can say is a HUGE Amen to kefir. I used your cultured veggie recipe 2 weeks ago at my first attempt and they turned out great!!!.( I was scared to try them why I first smelled them..LOL) Thank you for posting this, and the juice recipe above, I will try this as well, my son Loves loves loves cucumbers…:-) I feel like I have someone in my corner who understands whenever I read about you and your family, so again Thank You and Bless You.

    British Columbia, Canada

  4. I was so touched to read the things you fighty for, the same things that I have been telling everyone around me. My mother was completely saved from a horrible cancer – she was almost dead, so weak so after each spoon of crushed water melon, she had to lay her head back on the pillow and rest for 5 minutes. After three months she jumped around the room. SHE WAS 79!! Her amazing recovery – wheatgrass juice and food totally ecological and raw – stunned everyone. She lived for 8 years, but unfortunately she tripped and broke her hip, the ‘health care’ system took care of poisining her with their horrible drugs (causing her guts to explode) and although she ALMOST made it again, she died.

    I have held my dads severe Alzheimer in check – no it has in fact become much better! – for more than 13 years, and it’s SO TRUE what you say, that the horrible explosion of these illnesses, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer, even tinnitus I think, is due to the poisining of our food and our environment.

    I am sure of one thing though: That the allembrazing chemical and pharmacologcal industry will get weaker, because it’s time for an OVERALL change of attitude all over the globe. We must unite, we are millions that just do not tolerate this anymore. For so long we have been told that dementia is due to the fact that ‘we are getting older’ and that autism just wasn’t ‘diagnosed properly’ before. Rubbish.

    We must persist in this, and it really should be more EXPENSIVE to buy poisoned ‘fast food’ and the ecologically grown vegetables should be cheap, no the state should actually give it to us, because they will get their money back since we do NOT have any use for the ‘health care’ they are offering, if we take our nourishment into our own hands.

    ADHD kids, and autistic kids have been dramatically improved here, just when eating organically grown food without pesticides, additives, and also when throwing out as much as one can with these ‘electro smog’ gadgets. Arent our health worth any trip to Thailand? I think so…

    Blessings from Sweden.

    • Thanks so much for reading and for your support. I totally agree with you. things are changing for the better though:)

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