Drinks and Elixirs

Nut and Grain Milks:

I make milks from nuts, seeds and grains. All of these foods should be used with caution for those with food sensitivities and who are in a healing phase of this diet. However, a little goes a long way. And a good raw home made milk can help make a shake taste much better.


Soak and rinse raw organic nut, seed or grain for a day (quinoa, brown rice, sesame seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts etc). Then blend nuts with 3 parts clean water in your high speed blender. Use a nut milk bag to strain the pulp. Use leftover pulp in a cookie recipe.

You can also ferment nut milks for easier digestion. Ferment using 1 tblsp of coconut kefir. Store fermenting nut milk just as you would kefir.